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Environment: SmartSystemsErrorTemplate

Set this environment variable to change the Smart Systems error template

The environment variable "SmartSystemsErrorTemplate" can be set to define a template to be used when a processing error occurs (ie. syntax error).

This can be set in you WWW server configuration file.

If specified, this template may contain an "[#ERROR#]" directive, where the error will be output. If this string does not exist in the file, the processing error will not be displayed.

Sample Source

<h1>This is an error template</h1>

Sample Source

<h1>Put error into an HTML comment</h1>
<p>I'm sorry, an error has occured.
<!-- [#ERROR#] -->

Sample Source

<h1>Display Only Generic Error</h1>
An error has occured.

Minimum version: 4.8 build 20050808