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Retrieves a parameter passed in to the SIML script

Retrieves a parameter passed in to the SIML script from the web server via GET, POST, or multi-part POST. Passed in parameters are accessable globally from within the script, any includes, or functions.

Parameter requires at least one parameter-- the name or number of the parameter to read. Parameters can be read via name, or ordered number. You can optionally specify a count for named variables if more than one may be returned.

You may also optionally specify the data type of the parameter. If you do not specify a data type, SIML will attempt to determine it automatically.

Parameter is not case sensitive, so passing argument one as "ABC" or "abc" will yield the same results.

Sample Source

Say "Parameter 'ABC' is: " 
Say Parameter "ABC"

Say "The second 'ABC' is: "
Say Parameter "ABC", 2

Say "Parameter 'ABC' as a string:"
Say Parameter "ABC" As String

Say "The third parameter as an integer"
Say Parameter 3 As Integer

Say "The second ABC as a number: "
Say Parameter "ABC", 2 As Number

Related Function(s):
   NumberOfParameters; ParameterCount; ParameterName; UrlDecode; UrlEncode;

Minimum version: 1.0