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Reads a cookie from the client/WWW Server

Cookie "CookieName"
Cookie "CookieName" As String

Cookie retrieves a cookie stored in a client's browser (set with "SetCookie"). Cookie expects the first argument to be the cookie name you wish to retrieve, and optionally accepts an "As (type)" parameter that can be one of "Integer", "Numner" or "String".

Sample Source

#Retreive "MyCookie" with dynamic typing
Cookie "MyCookie"

#Retreive "MyCookie" as a string
Cookie "MyCookie" As String

#Retreive the second "MyCookie" with dynamic typing -- typical browsers do not 
# support more than one cookie with the same name!  Use with custom browser 
# implementations only.
Cookie "MyCookie", 2
Cookie "MyCookie", 2 As String

Related Function(s):
   NumberItems; NumberOfItems; NumberOfParameters; Parameter; ParameterCount; ParameterName; SetCookie;

Minimum version: 4.0